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Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are important resources for J2ME developers, because they are regularly read by many of the leading experts on J2ME. Some of the lists are announcement lists, some are discussion lists. If you're new to J2ME, please don't abuse the discussion lists by asking inappropriate or novice questions — spend some time lurking on the list to see what kind of questions get asked. You can learn a lot just by lurking, trust me!

Discussion Lists

  • KVM-INTEREST: The primary discussion list for J2ME, hosted by Sun Microsystems. This list was established in June of 1999 in response to Sun's introduction of the Java 2 Micro Edition platform. The list name reflects its origins, because the KVM is the name of the original Java virtual machine that became the basis for what is now the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC). This list's focus is the CLDC and related technologies like the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP).
    Visit the KVM-INTEREST archives to join or browse
  • J2ME-CDC-INTEREST: A second list hosted by Sun Microsystems, this time concentrating on the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) and related technologies. Very little traffic, most of the J2ME stuff is discussed on KVM-INTEREST.
    Visit the J2ME-CDC-INTEREST archives to join or browse

Announcement Lists

  • JCP-INTEREST: Java Community Process (JCP) announcements. Reports major activities on all JSRs (Java Specification Requests). This is how you track the status of J2ME standards (note that you'll also get notices about J2SE and J2EE standards).
    Visit the JCP-INTEREST archives to join or browse
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