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Eric's J2ME Pages

As the author of the first book about Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), published in late 1999, I've collected a lot of information about the technology. These pages present some of that information, mostly material written by myself. I hope you find them useful!

Getting Started With J2ME

Newcomers to J2ME should start with the Overviews of J2ME page to gain a firm understanding of what Java 2 Micro Edition is and what it isn't. The reality is that J2ME is an umbrella term for a number of closely-related Java technologies for constrained devices like cellphones, PDAs, embedded systems, and similar systems. Saying that software "works with J2ME" is almost meaningless if you don't specify what configuration, profiles, and/or optional packages it requires.

Once you understand what J2ME is, your next step will be to acquire some kind of development tool with built-in J2ME support. The J2ME development tools page is a good place to start. If you're unsure of which tool to use, try Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit first.

Don't forget to join one of the J2ME mailing lists and participate in the ever-growing J2ME community.

What Do All The Acronyms Mean?

For conciseness, I've chosen to use TLAs (recursive definition: TLA is a TLA for three-letter acronym) in the navigation menu for Eric's J2ME Pages. J2ME, as you will soon discover, is full of acronyms. Consult my J2ME acronym list for acronym definitions and explanations.

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