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I Do Not Speak For Google

Although I work for Google, I am not an authorized spokesperson. Nothing I say or write about should be construed as official Google opinion or policy, unless it is distributed through some official channel.

Google is a large company full of very talented and opinionated software engineers. I am but one of many and very unimportant compared to many (most!) of them. What I say and think does not necessarily reflect the company's official opinions.

And as a general policy, I do not publicly criticize my current or past employers. It's just not a good policy, especially when your employer is as open (internally) as Google.

If you are interested in working at Google, I am happy to introduce you to a recruiter, but don't expect me to do much more — I can't recommend anyone I've never met and have never worked with!

Remember, everything I write on this site, Google+, Twitter, and elsewhere is entirely my own opinion and not reflective of official Google policy.

Be aware that while my name is not common, it's not unique. Make sure you're dealing with the correct Eric Giguere.

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This page was last modified on January 3, 2012
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